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Starting a business without a badges? You can’t make it big enough then. The badges is one of the essential parts of starting a brand. Without a mark, none can survive in a competitive market because your mark is your identity. It is used for the identification of your brand and represents your business. In the modern era, brands spend a lot of money on their mark because they know that symbol is the very first impression an audience gets when talked about a specific brand. The more creative and attractive your symbol is the more audience it attracts.

What is an Emblem Design?

A mixture mark combines text and image. Similarly, emblem marks takes the concept of a grouping mark and unites it within a frame or boundary. The imagery used is typically figurative and fuses faultlessly with the typescript. Think of a mark, seal, or crest. Often linked with varieties that have a long history, it’s no wonder an emblem can deliver a sense of respect and power.

When and where to use an emblem Design?

An Crest badge design is used when you want the symbol to stand out. One of the best qualities of an emblem symbol is that it is unique from the other type of symbol and is eye-catching. If you want the first impression of your audience about your brand to be astonishing, you should go for an emblem logo. The simplicity and attractiveness make an emblem logo exclusive.

An emblem logo is used by many industries such as automobiles, universities, sports, entertainment, etc. Let me name you a few world-famous companies who have used an emblem sign for their brand.

  1. Ferrari: Ferrari is a well-known automobile company with an emblem sign. Their Insignia has multiple colors with some alphabetical letters written on it. Their Insignia is so unique that their car is identified by their logo, you don’t need to read the name of the car just the logo can do the job.
  2. Harvard University: Harvard is one of the top 5 universities in the world located in the USA. They have also used an emblem sign to represent their university. The colors they have chosen for their Insignia make their Insignia stand out among all other universities.
  3. Starbucks: It is a world-famous coffee brand and has used an emblem sign to represent its brand. Their art is one of the favorite signs among the audience and due to their unique Insignia they have made it so big.
Tips to Design an Emblem Trademark

Designing or creating an emblem badge is an art and requires a creative mind. If you want a better output then you got to spend a lot of time figuring out how you can create an attractive badge. Try executing different ideas that pop up in your mind and you never know which one clicks for you. You can also take ideas from your friends and family members or get help from professional badge designers. This will help you come up with the best result. A few of the basics of creating an emblem badge are mentioned below:

  1. Make it bright: You got to make your logo bright which can be seen from a long distance. To make it look bright you must use bright colors such as blue, yellow. Make sure you stick with max 2 colors because using more than 2 colors makes your logo look ugly and your audience won’t be attracted to it.
  2. Fonts of your characters: Fonts play a major role in making your logo appealing. If you want your logo to look modern then sans serif fonts are the best choice for you because they are thick as well as attractive.

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  • Unlimited Revisions
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  • FREE Grayscale Formats
  • FREE Color Options
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